Mobile Optimized

Mobile-Optimized Website.

Every business can benefit from a Mobile-Optimized Website.
The Gartner Group forecasts that this year, 2014, over one Billion new smartphones will be activated worldwide. Mobile web browsing has overtaken web browsing on PCs and laptops to become the dominant choice for Internet access. “>Given the clear supremacy and growth of mobile web browsing, it’s shocking to learn that 70% of businesses don’t have a mobile website.

If your website was designed to be viewed on a standard PC screen or laptop it’s likely to be incompatible with the smaller screens of iPhones, Androids and other smart phones and mobile web devices. Even if your standard website can be seen on a mobile device, that doesn’t mean it’s functional on a mobile device. Less than 3% of standard websites will render effectively on a mobile device.
Your standard website may feature high-resolution graphics, flash video and lots of interesting, dynamic content. The very things that make your site so interesting when viewed on a PC are what make it unusable as a mobile website. Only a few smart phones and mobile devices can play Flash programs or correctly render portable network graphics files (.png). High resolution graphics, multilayer gif’s and other photo formats will take a long time to load and the volume of content will make the site difficult to navigate.
Statistics show that the average attention span of the mobile generation is 8 seconds. If your website is slow to load or difficulty to navigate they move on and do not return. Websites optimized for mobile devices are in many ways quite different from traditional websites. At Mobile Local Consulting we know mobile marketing and offer competitively priced mobile-optimized website development.